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So you’ve finally landed your first real job and are living in your first real apartment, one without a pile of everyone else’s dishes in the sink and someone constantly skulking around that you assume is one of your roommate’s boyfriends, although you’re not really sure. It’s time to start living like an adult, which means getting your financial house in order. And the first of the year is a great time to set new rules and goals for yourself.

No one expects you to do all of these, but making just a couple of them part of your routine should strengthen your financial future:

1. Make a budget.

Yes, it’s the most basic tool in the home-finance toolbox, but it works. Decide what you can afford to spend on things, and then stick to it. This sample budget may have more elements to it than you have in your financial life right now, but it’s a template you can grow with. There are also plenty of apps out there now – like Mint, Wally and GoodBudget – that can make the mechanics of budgeting easy. You don’t need to do your own math! This article on BairdWealth can help you get started.


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2. Track everything.

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