Nowadays, supporting your favorite charities can be as easy as sending a text. But supporting your favorite charities thoughtfully, in a way that maximizes your gift’s impact, takes advantage of tax benefits and complements your broader wealth management plans? That takes a deep understanding, both of current tax regulations and your vision for your future.

The best charitable gifts do the most good for the most people, including yourself and your family. By working with a Baird Financial Advisor, you can make sure you’re benefitting from the most current giving strategies and guidance to help you:

  • Give to the causes that mean the most to you
  • Maximize any tax benefits from your gift
  • Donate non-cash assets, including stock or real estate
  • Set up trusts, foundations and more
  • Create a legacy through planned giving

Your Baird Financial Advisor can help you make smart financial decisions in all areas of your life, including charitable giving.

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  • Individual writing $100 check to undisclosed charity.
    I want to maximize the impact of my charitable gifts.
  • Older woman, dressed in winter clothes, smiling and looking off into distance while standing by lake.
    I want to instill a culture of giving within my family.
  • Middle-aged couple sitting at kitchen counter reviewing documents on a laptop.
    Does the new tax lax affect how I report my donations on my tax returns?
  • Asian-American female cleaning up trash from forest floor.
    How can I incorporate giving as part of my will?