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Meet the Team Around the Team

Your relationship with your Financial Advisor team is sacred bond – a trusted relationship with experienced professionals who are dedicated solely to your best interests and goals. But they aren’t doing it alone. They have a whole team of experts – many of whom you might never meet – who are just as committed to seeing you succeed.


Wealth, Tax and Estate Planners

Experts who can collaborate on solutions and multigenerational planning that support you and your family


Market Analysts

Portfolio analysts, equity and fixed income analysts and investment strategists, as well as award-winning macroeconomic analysis from Strategas’ policy experts


Technology Experts

Specialists who make sure you can communicate seamlessly and securely with your advisor while investing in cutting-edge tools to provide actionable and tailored insights


Portfolio Managers

Analysts who employ unique strategies to investment research to give you a wide range of portfolios to support your investing preferences


Investment Specialists

Experts who support a robust platform that includes a broad range of investments – including advisory solutions, trusted asset managers, alternative investments and more – to address your unique goals


Cash and Lending Specialists

Lending and liquidity solution consultants to help you maximize your flexibility while ensuring your cash is working as hard for you as possible


Our Wealth Management Partners

Baird experts in businesses outside of wealth management who can partner with you for specialized guidance on business valuations, trust solutions, private equity opportunities and much more


Reach out to your Baird Financial Advisor to learn more about their extended team, and how they support your goals.

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