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Dear Reader

Since summer is wrapping up, and the markets have been quieter than normal, I thought I’d drop a list of things I believe about the world.

Everything from food to investing, if you’re looking for a light and breezy end of summer read, I got you covered!

  • I don’t care what your age is, every birthday is a celebration, treat them as such. 
  • There are two things you should focus on when investing in the stock market: 1) How long you want to invest for and 2) The purpose of the money. You have to answer these two questions before going any further.
  • Sushi rolls are better than Sushi pieces
  • Always order at least two appetizers. If they have fancy Brussels sprouts, you have to get them.
  • Investing in Gold is a bet against human innovation. If you want to do it that’s completely fine, just know you could be investing in humans solving problems and creating new products instead.
  • There are two things you can do every single day to improve your life: Walk 30 minutes and watch less news.
  • The U.S. stock market climbs slowly over time. Sometimes it falls, sometimes by a lot. But those are the general guidelines.
  • Nothing in life is free, everything has a cost. The cost of becoming wealthy in the stock market is fear, uncertainty, and doubt about your money.
  • Letting average returns compound for as long as you can makes you one of the best investors of all time.
  • Taylor Swift helped save the U.S. economy from recession in 2023.  Even the WSJ agrees.
  • How I view the world is probably different than how you view it. Our life experiences shape who we are and our beliefs. That’s what makes this world such an interesting place to live in.
  • Pessimists are often right, optimists are often wealthy.
  • There will be at least two bear markets every decade. There will be at least one recession every decade. Expect them. Plan for them.
  • No one can be an expert of every version of the world. You need a diverse set of opinions to help guide you.
  • The number of times you say “we needed this rain” rises proportionally with your age.
  • You can only drink a bloody mary when the sun is up.
  • Be original. There’s no reason to copy someone else, who you are is what the world needs.