Mobile phone showing Baird Online screen

Put Your Money To Work Faster With Baird Online

Baird Online just got even more convenient to use, with Direct Deposit and ACH In features.

DIRECT DEPOSIT Now you can securely deposit a check to your Baird account 24/7, and get that money invested conveniently within the Baird Online app. You no longer need to provide voided checks, bank letters, or statements to have full access to your money.

BANK TRANSFERS You can quickly and securely move money into Baird using our “Transfer Funds In” feature, available in the Baird Online app and desktop version. Set up new ACH instructions, initiate new transaction requests, and put your money to work for you right away. 

NOW AVAILABLE WITHIN BAIRD ONLINE You don’t need to download a new app – just open your BOL app or visit Baird Online on your desktop, and you will be prompted for a step-by-step tour of these features. 

Learn more about Baird Online or download the app today using the links below:

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