Wealth and Health written wood blocks

The Intersection of Health and Wealth

As you plan for retirement, remember that good health is an asset worth investing in.

You’ve probably given some consideration to how you want to spend your golden years – where you’ll live and the activities you’ll pursue. But a key to living that dream retirement is investing in your health – doing what you can now to enjoy the wealth, freedom and quality of life you’ve built. No matter how much money you have, it’s not much fun being in assisted living or tied to a dialysis center, when you could be traveling, discovering new joys with your partner or goofing off with grandkids.

How “old” you feel and function is often directly tied to factors like metabolism, digestion, mobility and neurological function. It’s important to optimize these systems instead of only managing deficits once they start breaking down. 

So how can you live the best, most dynamic and joy-filled life for the longest period of time? 

Invest in your health the way you would in a 401(k) or IRA – sustainably, over a long time. Spending on nutritionally dense food and personalized physical and mental medical support can stave off health problems and help you enjoy your full potential.

Do not go gentle into that good night. Attitude can make an enormous difference. Challenge aging tropes like “I’ll rest when I’m retired” or “Fatigue is just part of getting older.” As the Clint Eastwood-inspired song says, “Don’t let the old man [or woman] in.”

Discuss your health history with your Financial Advisor, especially if conditions that run in your family require specialized or long-term care that you may want to plan for.

Listen to your body. Pay attention to early warning signals – aches and pains could be a symptom of a condition that might respond to treatment.

Think of an extended “healthspan” as the return on the investments you’ve been making in your health. That can benefit not only you, but others as well – including the people who love you most and who may one day need to help with your care.