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Letter From Leadership: The Value of Partnership

Your relationship with your Baird Financial Advisor is unlike any other.

With a new year comes new possibilities – and with them, a lot that might be on your mind. Maybe you’re thinking about the state of the economy and the upcoming presidential election. Or maybe your thoughts are closer to home, like an upcoming family wedding or a new grandchild on the way.

Whatever’s on your mind, your Financial Advisor is ready to support you – with powerful resources and expertise to enrich your relationship:

  • Armed with an intimate understanding of your situation and priorities, your advisor can call in Baird’s experts in wealth planning, trust solutions, business solutions and more to ensure you receive timely, specialized guidance. Case in point: In this issue, we discuss how – in reviewing your tax return – your advisor can seek out opportunities to make your wealth planning more tax-efficient.
  • Their commitment to your well-being can be seen in your relationships with your other advisors: By “quarterbacking” the plans of your tax, legal and other specialists, your Financial Advisor can ensure the advice you receive is all working together.
  • Your advisor can also facilitate complex but important family conversations around legacy planning, managing a family member’s finances, funding a college plan and much more.

So as you think about what 2024 might have in store for you, connect with your Financial Advisor about what’s on your mind. You might be surprised where that conversation can lead.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Mike Schroeder, Chairman of Baird Private Wealth Management


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Mike Schroeder
Private Wealth Management

Erik Dahlberg, President of Baird Private Wealth Management


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Erik Dahlberg
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