Baird's Executive Leadership

Discover the benefits of partnering with Baird, directly from Baird's leaders.

Steve Booth
Baird Chairman & CEO

Mike Schroeder
Chairman of Private Wealth Management

Erik Dahlberg
President of Private Wealth Management


Baird's Market and Branch Managers

Hear From Baird's Market Directors and Branch Managers on how we can make a difference for your business.

Chris Russell
Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia

Karen Heintz
Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

Mark Stuck
Sioux City, Iowa

Rob Peel
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sue Bellehumeur
Waukesha, Wisconsin

John Ramseyer
Seattle, Washington

Steve Binder
Denver, Colorado

Mark Stevanovic
Dallas, Texas

Alex Bigelow
Chicago, Illinois

Ken Petter
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Pete Duback
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brian Kurtz
Cleveland, Ohio