What You Need to Know About the Proposed Tax Law Changes

Kelsey Clair and Erik Wikstrom, Baird Tax Strategists and Arti Batra, Baird Senior Estate Planner

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In light of the proposed tax law changes, there are short-term and long-term impacts that most investors should consider. Please join Kelsey Clair, Erik Wikstrom and Arti Batra as they provide an overview of the more impactful policies within the proposed tax law changes, as well as strategies you may consider implementing now to minimize the impact of these changes.

Among the tax and estate planning topics our panel will cover are:

  • Long-term capital gains tax rate changes
  • Increase in the top ordinary income tax rate
  • Reduction in the federal estate tax exemption
  • Potential increase in federal estate tax rates
  • Modification or elimination of cost basis adjustments at death