For a lot of people, buying insurance is set-it-and-forget-it: They take out a policy, tuck it in a drawer somewhere and go about their day. Unfortunately, without regular reviews, one of two things tends to happen – people become overinsured because they’re working with multiple agents who do not have the full picture or who are compensated for how much insurance they sell, or underinsured because as their lives evolve their existing coverage stops fitting their needs.

Your wealth management plans should determine what insurance coverage is right for you. Our goal is to align your coverage with your current situation and your plans for the future – so you can rest assured the people and things you care about most are protected. The advice and guidance of a Baird Financial Advisor can help you.

Your Baird Financial Advisor can help you make sure your insurance coverage is in step with your current needs and your broader vision for the future.

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  • Young couple with infant.
    I want to make sure that no matter what happens to me, my family will be protected.
  • Young couple looking over documents in front of laptop on couch.
    I don't want any gaps in my policies, but I don't want to pay for unnecessary coverage either.
  • Young woman sitting on living room floor with paperwork and laptop.
    I'm not sure how much life insurance I need.
  • Grey-haired woman, sitting in bed and sipping coffee as she looks at laptop screen.
    It's been so long since I bought my policy, I'm not even sure my insurance meets my needs anymore.