While not a bank, Baird views cash as an important element of our clients’ complete financial pictures. That’s why we offer liquidity solutions, including cash management services that prioritize the protection of those assets, putting them to work toward your financial goals, and making sure the experience is always convenient for you. Our independence and client focus enable us to provide enhanced safety and highly competitive yield compared to what you might find at a typical commercial bank. And you won’t need to remember multiple account numbers or passwords to access your money.

For the latest interest rate and yield information, visit our Cash Sweep Program page.

Cash Sweep Interest Rates

For many investors, an unexpected need for cash would necessitate selling stock – which could result in the possibility of selling in a down market. It could also incur opportunity costs, withdrawing funds that could otherwise be used for a college education, retirement or simply wealth accumulation. Baird’s liquidity services could give qualified investors much-needed financial flexibility, letting them access cash or credit without having to make changes to their portfolio.

Talk with your Baird Financial Advisor to explore how Liquidity Solutions can give you more choices in your own life and help make sure your money is working for you.

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Baird’s liquidity solutions are not appropriate for all clients. Please read about Margin and the Securities-Based Lending Program under the Additional Services section of the Important Disclosures page for more information.